Characters, buildings, castles, towers, cranes and prop etc. The medieval collection, consisting of many modular 3d models, has been published. Everything has been thought of for you to create your own medieval world. All optimized and now available for game engines. Just put them together and create your own concepts.

1500 + 3D Models

Optimized Game Engines

4096px PBR Textures

1684 Unique 3D Model

All parts are designed to be reusable and combinable. Everything from the smallest wood to the largest pieces of rock can be split or joined together.

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Single non-commercial user. This license does not apply to companies.
  • 1 User
  • 2 Month Support


Applies to companies, studios, or schools with revenues over $100K.
  • 10 User
  • 12 Month Support

Please contact for purchasing other than these options.


Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, apart from general explanations. Our support team is waiting for you to answer any shortcomings you see and any questions you may have.

Technical Parameters

You can reach the technical parameters about the collection from the tabs below. If you need more information, please contact us.

  1. 1500+ 3D Model part in collection.
  2. 18 collection in one big bundle.
  3. Detailed character costume and body parts.
  4. All model part clean – Quad Topology.
  5. Doesnt need any additional plugins.
  6. High Quality / Model topology.
  7. Suitable for Close-Up rendering.
  8. All objects are intelligently separated.
  9. Suitable for animation / games and high quality photorealistic visualization.
  10. Suitable for post production.
  1. MAX File Format ready.
  2. FBX File Format ready.
  3. OBJ File Format ready.
  1. All textures are 4096×4096 resolution.
  2. All textures were prepared as PBR Metal/Roughness.
  3. Added SPP Substance Painter file so you can change character textures.
  4. Regular unwrap mapping / unwrap maps is done.
  5. All unwrap maps are intelligently separated.
  6. Doesnt need any additional plugins.
  7. You can easily change or apply new materials.

Support Desk

For detailed information about licenses, read the license explanations page.
Also, please do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions.

Can I use all these 3D models in game engines?

Yes, all models have been tested by our team in game engines. You can import and use all models separately into the game engine.

Are the polygon structures of the models quad ?

Yes, the structure of all models consists of quadrilaterals and is optimized. Only stone blocks are designed with triangle surfaces to reduce the number of polygons.

Are 3D models modular?

All models are designed as modular. It was prepared in millimeters according to mathematical calculations. It’s like easily combining any wall with another. Everything else is up to your imagination.

What is texture quality? Also, is the Texture structure PBR?

All Textures are 4096×4096. All 3D models were unwraped. All textures were prepared as PBR.

Do character models have RIGs?

The characters in the character collection were posed by us. There is also a T pose model belonging to the character model. You can pose as you wish.

Do character models’ clothes consist of separate layers?

Yes, that’s how we designed the character models. This way you can remove the helmets if you want. Or you can remove their armor. This way you can create variations and turn a knight into a villager.

Is there a Substance Painter file to change skins for character models?

Yes, we have added a project file in SPP format to this collection in case you want to make changes to the character models. In this way, you can change the character skins as you wish using Substance Painter.

Are the flags just posed? Or can it be interfered with?

The Titanverse team prepared a lot of flag poses. But we have added the flat versions of these flags to the collection. In this way, if you want, you can use it in your own flag simulations.

Do buildings have interiors?

We designed many buildings only from the outside. But designs with interior are also available in the collection. If you want, you can design interior and exterior spaces. We have designed it this way just to demonstrate its feasibility.

Can the polygon numbers be further reduced?

We have prepared our collections according to standard optimization in quad topology so that users can use all modifiers. But users can easily decimate these models.



With over 30 exposures, each character has swords, helmets, outfits and helmets. Also, thanks to the T pose character structure, you can use it for the poses you want. It is optimized for low polygon and game engines.


Numerous tower models were created based on real references. But much more can be created using pieces from the collection. It’s up to you to design real or surreal towers.


Castle gates became large structures that we created by combining collection towers and other components. These doors were designed in harmony with the walls in the collection. It took us a long time to research the gates of real castles.


There are many bridge models in the collection. You can use these bridges directly or build new bridges using the collection.


The most important were the cranes. In all this medieval construction. They will provide realism for engineering and implementation.


Of course, scaffolding was needed. Adding them next to walls, buildings and towers will provide naturalness and they can be given the appearance of still under construction.


These structures may make things easier when building a village or town. There are hundreds of pieces in the collection to make more different designs.


Of course, scaffoAll of the walls are modular designed. All wall parts are compatible with each other. Both the 3D models and the texture layout were prepared accordingly.


We have designed a lot of items to be around. Ropes, barrels, boxes, etc. many items. We’ve made some minor tweaks to many of them to increase realism and variation. Linens, rugs etc.


The windows were designed in harmony with the collection. It was created in two different ways for scenes where the lights had to be on. In addition, the window slats are completely modular and you can change them as you wish.


Stone blocks allow us to build many structures from ancient civilizations. That’s why you’ll need a modular set of stones so you can build large structures or small buildings. You can create many structures by supporting with boards. Or you can just use them as standing stones 🙂


You will need many sizes of rocks, large and small. Sometimes you will only use it on the roadsides. Sometimes they will form the ground beneath large castles. It’s entirely up to your imagination.


Stone and wooden stairs. It appears everywhere. We have prepared stairs with many variations for you. But if you need more stairs, you can create hundreds of stairs with wood, stones and other pieces from the collection.


We wanted to design a few castles and add them to the collection. They were created entirely by putting together collection pieces. Building these castles is now a lot of fun and can be crafted in a short time.


Cover structures or castles with modular roof parts. Maybe you can make the roof of a tower. Maybe they are just a small ledge located next to the walls. They have many texture variations.


Here are the smallest pieces of this set. We have prepared a piece of arrow wood. In this way, these pieces can be brought together and sometimes large castles can be built. Sometimes we just make one barrel. But thanks to these pieces, you can create anything you imagine. All parts are optimized and compatible with each other.


Of course, scFlags were almost everywhere in the Middle Ages. Sometimes it hangs down from the walls. Sometimes they wave at the ends of tall poles. Sometimes we use it for characters to carry in their hands. We have prepared hundreds of flags. Whatever you need, you can use that flag wherever you need it.


Thanks to the adjustable modular fences, you can make direct connections in many interfaces. Or you can build your own fence with pieces from the boards collection.

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