Our VFX and CGI Supervisors and team of Chief Art Directors, Concept, Environment and Animation Directors can be involved in a project at any stage. Starting with storyboards and concepts for characters and environments, to character sculpting, animation testing and previs development.

In addition to CGI asset creation, compositing and FX work, we can also support productions with on set shooting Supervision and postvis work.

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LP HP 3D Modelling

VR, Mobile, Console, AR

Post Production & Visual Effects

3D Prototyping & Lidar

PBR Texturing & Material Creation

Creature Design & Creation

Character Creation

Asset Creation & LP Optimization

Lightning & Post Production

Look Development

Hard Surface Modelling

Organic Modelling

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Our team is compased of highly experienced and passionate designers , specializing in all categories of design . With each project we take on, we provide experts that have shipped a plethora of well known titles. With our history ranging from live action film, animation, AAA games to TV, our team takes a calculated approach to each project individually, ensuring that our clients get a unique solution no matter the challenge.

We create models with optimized geometry that are animation friendly and can be loaded in any game engine easily.

We are able to produce high quality textures for realistic as well as stylized models. Along with PBR, we also use traditional way of texturing effortlessly as our pipeline is well set for both ways of doing textures.

In-game hair cards with transparency map that blends with the model seamlessly. Able to produce complex hair styles with natural feel.

Along with creating highly detailed characters, we also do their poses to give them a personality and mood.

We do not just create models for large scale collectibles, but we specialize in creating miniature models as well. We are aware of all technical aspects to look after while creating miniatures.

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